Hey monkey, wanna banana? Popcorn, please :)

Perfect place to visit for families with children. Pure nature, fresh air, and about 200 Barbary Macaques monkeys walking freely in 20 ha forest. You will get free popcorns on the entrance and you will be allowed to feed the monkeys with them. If you have a baby with you, you have to have in mind that the babies are not allowed to scream/cry and they are also not allowed to be fed during the visit. The monkeys love to steal baby food and can be disturbed by crying, so for your own security and the security of your little one keep that in mind. You should also leave all the extra bags outside and the bag or backpack you are carrying close, otherwise, you might get in a struggle with monkey thief.



Monkeys are not the only animals you can see and feed there. There is a big beautiful pond, where you can feed fishes, ducks, and swans. There is also a colony of white storks and freely walking deer. The children can play on a huge playground which is great equipped.
The entrance costs 9,00 € pro adult person and 6,00 € for children. Children under 6 years don`t need to buy the ticket.
If you are taking your trip to the Monkey mountain in summer, you should definitely stop by on the Bodensee – the biggest lake in Germany – drink some coffee on the beach and take a swim or maybe rent a boat. It is only 10 minutes drive away.
On the entrance, you may have a meal or drink a coffee in the cantina. There are offered classic German dishes ( all types of sausage, schnitzel, salat, cakes and potato variations ). One meal with drink costs around 10,00 € pro person.

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